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This is a time of unequalled stress in hospitals and clinics. A nursing shortage, now reaching unprecedented proportions, ranks as one of the top three problems hospital administrators face. High turnover rates, sick leave, medical errors, and shrinking reimbursement add greater and greater stress. With these stresses, changes and challenges, personal and organisational effectiveness suffers.
Stress and emotional management is a prerequisite for individual and organisational health and productivity. Thriving health care organisations are the one which create a culture of care for their workforce as well as for the patients and communities they serve. Providing skills, tools and strategies to manage the stress and emotions of each individual working in health care benefit both the staff, the organisation and customers.


HeartMath Health Care Programs

HeartMath is the only system scientifically validated to reverse the effects of stress on both individuals and organisations -- and to translate those effects into bottom-line results.

HeartMath offers programs for:

  • Staff
  • Leadership
  • Patients
  • Community

These programs provide cost effective interventions, which improve and, most importantly, sustain long-lasting positive outcomes for staff in:

  • Stress and negative emotions levels
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Performance
  • Productivity
  • Morale
  • Decision-making
  • Job Satisfaction
  • Managing Time Constraints
  • Teamwork
  • Managing Health Issues
  • Problem-solving

For the hospital or clinic, HeartMath Programs allow positive outcomes in:

  • Reduced costs of sick leaves, turnover, absenteism
  • Staff Retention
  • Service provided to patients
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Patient loyalty

HeartMath Health Care Programs Details

Get more information on HeartMath Health Care Program for:
  • Staff development
  • Leaders development
  • Patients

    HeartMath Programs Results

    Research studies, practical case studies and individual testimonials all comprise a strong body of evidence that clearly demonstrate how the HeartMath system is adding value to the lives of individuals and organisations as hospitals and clinics.

    A Case Study: Delnor-Community Hospital

    Summary of the first year results following HeartMath's training and the use of its technology, emWave Stress Relief System:

    • Reduced employee turnover from 28% to 20.9% overall; to 5.9% among HeartMath trained staff.
    • Achieved $800,000 in annualised savings from turnover reductions.
    • Decreased Medicare length of stay by 9%, equaling $1.4 million in annualised savings.
    • Improved customer satisfaction from the 73rd percentile to the 93rd percentile.
    • Ranked #1 in employee satisfaction among 300 health care organisations (based on Sperduto and Associates' national database).

    Second Year Results:

    • Employee turnover down to 14% overall; to 1.3% among HeartMath trained staff.
    • Vacancy rate less than 5%.

    Following HeartMath training, Delnor-Community Hospital won the prestigious award from the American College of Healthcare Executives

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