Macquarie Institute’s HeartMath Coach/Mentor Certification Program

Become a HeartMath Coach/Mentor and learn to deliver HeartMath’s scientifically- validated tools in a coaching style. Coaches/Mentors are trained and licensed to teach clients the HeartMath System in a one-on-one setting. This in-depth program gives you a toolbox of research-based techniques for coaching others in core skills that can build and sustain resilience and boost performance.

Cost is $1650 inc GST and all training materials.

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April/May 2019 Online Training

The program has two parts. 

Part one:

Six, pre-recorded webinars (about an hour long) accessible to applicants beginning 15 April 2019.

Part two:

Three, live audio question and discussion classes on Wednesday evenings beginning at 7pm (AEDT) accessed via Zoom link with Coach Mentor facilitator.

Attendance for live audios is not mandatory but highly recommended.

Dates to be announced. 

Class 1.   Questions and discussion for Webinar classes 1 & 2

Class 2.   Questions and discussion for Webinar classes 3 & 4

Class 3.   Questions and discussion for Webinar classes 5 & 6

Program includes three workbooks, a coaching guide and a homework package plus the emWave Pro technology for use with clients.  You are also sent a set of six PDF Power Points via email attachment to take notes while watching the webinars.


Your certification includes:

·         A license that allows for the commercial use of HeartMath’s intellectual property and to promote                       yourself as a HeartMath trained professional.

·         Instruction in how to teach the research and science behind the HeartMath System.

·         Instruction in how to teach six core HeartMath’s tools and techniques, and an introduction to the                      emWave Pro technology.

·         Support in how to integrate the HeartMath System into your other professional services.

·         Membership to HeartMath’s coach network for continuing education and on-going support.


"HeartMath tools and techniques have given my clients the ability to fully engage and create the experience they want to have in their lives."

Bill Minnis, Coach


Integrating HeartMath techniques, methods and technology into coaching and mentoring has been shown to provide clients with a wide range of long-term benefits, including increased:

·         resilience, vitality and overall well-being

·         mental clarity for decision-making, problem-solving and planning

·         emotional awareness and sensitivity to relational issues

·         ability to maintain or reestablish composure in challenging situations

·         ability to communicate more effectively

·         cooperation among co-workers and team members

And reduced:

·         worry, overwhelm and feelings of anxiousness

·         sleeplessness and fatigue

·         generalized stress and physical symptoms of stress

·         miscommunications

As a HeartMath Coach/Mentor you will be trained to support your clients by:

·         assisting in identifying goal(s).

·         helping to expand their awareness and identifying primary sources of stress that cause energy drains.

·         introducing self-regulation techniques.

·         providing strategies that help them find their own solutions.

·         helping develop a plan to integrate the skills in their daily routines offering objective feedback.

·         ensuring that they stick to their practice plans and are able to achieve sustainable results.

Support materials include the Personal Resilience Coach/Mentor Handbook and three Building Personal Resilience Guides: one for you to develop your own understanding and practice; and one for each of the two individuals with whom you will practice mentoring. You also will have access to HeartMath USA’s online Resource Centre, with an extensive e-library of instructional aids and handouts to build your business and work with clients.

Cost is $1650 inc GST. To apply, go to our website and follow link:
HeartMath Coach Mentor Training or click link below.

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