The following are the HeartMath products that we offer. More information is available on the store. (It will forward automatically to the store)

  • Inner Balance Trainer App and Sensor
      Inner Balance Lightning Sensor for iOS iPhone and iPad
      Inner Balance Bluetooth Sensor for Android and iOS iPhone and iPad
  • emWave Pro Products
      emWave Pro
      Dual Drive Pro for emWave Pro and emWave2
      Tropical Heat for emWave Pro and emWave2
  • emWave2 Products
      emWave2 + E-Booklets
  • emWave Pro Health Professional Packages
      emWave Pro Health Professional Package
      emWave Pro Health Professional Package plus emWave2
      Health Professional Inner Balance Lightning and emWave Pro Package
      Health Professional Inner Balance Bluetooth and emWave Pro Package
  • Accessories
      emWave2® USB Wall Charger
      emWave® USB Sensor Module
      emWave® Finger Sensor
      emWave® Ear Sensor
  • E-Booklets
      Eliminating Anxiety
      Eliminating Anger
      Transforming Stress
      Meditation Assistant
      Solution for better sleep
      The Inside Story: Understanding the power of feelings
      Stopping Emotional Eating
      The Power of Emotions